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Apana contributes to 20 years of improvement at Allsop

Case Study

Apana contributes to 20 years of improvement at Allsop

Allsop is one of the UK’s leading property consultancies and the market leader in commercial and residential auctions.

Managing Partner Chris Berriman said: “We first came into contact with Linda Doe and Apana in 2001 and our association lasted for just under 20 productive and successful years.

During this period Linda and her colleagues were a pleasure to work with, gained our trust and respect and helped the firm develop its cultures and values.”

Part of the family

Mr Berriman added: “Looking back, I think that Linda’s most valuable skill was that she took the trouble to understand us – both business owners and staff. She became part of our family. Without this, I doubt that our association would have been as longstanding and as successful as it was.

“When our relationship started, we had already taken the first steps towards internal change. Linda and Apana helped us to accelerate this process.

“The first significant piece of work we did with Apana was an Interpersonal Training course aimed at the partners at the time.

“It is fair to say that several sceptical attitudes were changed during these first sessions and our relationship subsequently flourished.

“An Emotional Intelligence course for all staff was then introduced. This became the cornerstone of our staff training.”

Invaluable partner

Other notable achievements included the introduction of return-to-work coaching, help towards developing a female friendly working environment, the introduction of a mentoring system, the introduction of mental health and well-being coaching, fulfilling the role of troubleshooter as and when required, working with teams to improve their working practices and working with individuals to improve their leadership skills.

Mr Berriman said: “Linda also became a valued sounding board for several senior members of the firm.

“Without doubt, the firm would not be in the confident, understanding and successful position it is today without Linda and Apana’s input. Much was achieved in maintaining and developing the family feel that is all important to us.

“We have much to thank her for.”

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