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All of our assignments begin with a full conversation and assessment of your needs and priorities and as such there is an element of consultancy to everything we do. 

Line Drawing - Consultancy

Work we carry out for you enables us to provide feedback to you organically about the culture and climate in your business. We are professional human data gatherers, listeners and collators of stories, culture and climate insights.

All businesses have people challenges and opportunities and we are adept at helping you to decide on where to start and how best to deliver the outcomes you want.

We can help you work out your strategy for change and people development, piecing together what can feel like a complex, exciting or overwhelming challenge. 

We establish priority, practicality and realistic scope with you. 

Consultancy Cycle

We can support you through all phases of the consultancy cycle:

We know this is key to establishing clear expectations and to meeting your outcomes. We need to know as much as you do that there is a fit between us.

We have a wealth of tools and skills in relation to people and change, from questionnaires to focus groups, to critical enquiry, observation and structured conversations.

We give direct and honest feedback and help you piece it all together; we support you to choose the right interventions for the outcomes you wish to prioritise and can give advice and guidance based on our wealth of experience in people and change projects.

We can hold your hand through your change and development, or be hands on and deliver some or all of your programme; we are flexible, experienced and adept at bringing value where it fits most and works best.

There are always lessons to be learnt from any change or development work and we add value by collating and making sense of your outcomes and how these have been achieved.

By evaluating change it can be celebrated and built upon, taking you forward in a positive way, creating opportunity from change.


We can support you in managing challenging conversations or situations with your senior leaders.

We have an excellent track record in facilitating action learning, bringing real world challenges to life and a creating a safe psychological space for leaders to grow and be challenged over time.

We are here to help you to establish the right kind of leadership development for the needs of your business and your leaders.

Leadership programmes can be designed and delivered for you, with a blend of learning and a depth of challenge with your unique outcomes in mind.

As highly skilled coaches we offer one to one leadership coaching for your leaders, observing them in action and applying a range of skills, approaches and tools to help them develop.

Some of the areas we are highly experienced in:

  • Development of Emotional Intelligence
  • Embodied Leadership
  • Overcoming Imposter Syndrome
  • Transactional analysis applied to relationships, communication and conflict
  • Understanding personality differences and working with dynamics
  • 360 and leadership feedback, observation and assessments
  • Confidence building – leading from within
  • Mental health and well-being support in the leadership and life context
  • Mediation between leaders when things have gone wrong or where there is conflict
  • Relationship building between leaders for positive complementarity
Line Drawing Leadership
Line Drawing Senior Team

Senior Teams

We have the gravitas and experience to work with senior teams effectively.

When psychological understanding is applied at board and senior team level it enables open communication and authentic relationships to flourish.

Teams we have worked with have valued us for:

  • Enabling succession planning for key team members through bespoke personality assessment
  • Highly sensitive personality dynamic assessment and development
  • Making the most of understanding team dynamics at Board and senior team level, including professional partnerships
  • Addressing inclusivity at Board and senior team level, with particular expertise in enabling women in leadership
  • Mediation where we have built and can build relationships from some of the worst conflict and disagreements
  • Team building and Board working reviews using various tools, assessments and observation

Range of tools and approaches

  • Full range of psychometric, 360 and team assessment tools
  • Emotional intelligence, open dialogue and personality dynamics
  • Transactional analysis and game playing
  • Communication: open and difficult conversations
  • Understanding personality differences and working dynamically with dynamics
  • Mediation between team members when things have gone wrong or where there is conflict
  • Relationship building between team members for positive complementarity
  • Teams as systems
  • Stress, climate, motivation, resilience and well-being assessments


We help you take a strategic approach to who needs coaching one-to-one, why and how much of it.

As part of the Apana approach we will help you to match the right coach to the individual and their needs, goals and personality.

Individuals can feel overwhelmed by choice and end up choosing someone they feel initial rapport with; however, this may not meet their coaching needs as the relationship progresses. We can help make good choices and matches, which we know from research is critical in coaching effectiveness. We coach face-to-face and online, depending on the depth and nature of issues we are working with.

Have a look at Our Coaching Brochure

Specialist areas of coaching:

  • Women leaders; Imposter Syndrome and confidence
  • Board and senior leadership dynamics
  • Maternity, paternity
  • Menopause, andropause
  • Dyslexia, neurodiversity
  • Return to work/rehabilitation back to work
  • Well-being and mental health
  • Mindfulness, meditation and embodiment
  • Counselling and rehabilitation back to work

Our Coaching Faculty

We provide supervision and training to your coaches internally. Our specialist psychology knowledge can reassure and support your coaches when they are faced with challenges in their own coaching which might take them out of their comfort zone. We can supervise individuals and provide group coaching or action learning, face-to-face and online.

Our Team of Coaches

The Apana team of Associates and Coaches are professionally qualified, supervised and always engaged with continued professional development (CPD).

Bringing with them diverse backgrounds, styles and experiences we can offer more aligned matches for your needs.

Coaching Accreditations
Line Drawing Coaching
Line - Wellbeing


There is no one definition or standard for well-being, and no one solution to facilitating it.

We begin with establishing Your Strategy and priorities and help you to assess well-being in your business.

Our support for current and long- recognised individual well-being needs will be addressed across organisational, leadership, team and individual people levels.

We help you design the right path based on physical, emotional, mental, social and cultural factors.

We design and deliver some programmes ourselves and with others help you select and get the best fit and value for your needs:

  • Well-being coaching and counselling one-to-one
  • Return to work coaching following physical or mental difficulties and return to work programme design and support
  • Workplace strategy coaching and advice on accommodations
  • Training and coaching your staff
  • Training to upskill managers and awareness sessions for your staff
  • Critical Incident debriefing and learning
  • Grief and loss counselling and support
  • Mindfulness and emotional intelligence development programmes
  • Maternity and menopause coaching and support

Psychometric Assessments

We can design bespoke tools and assessments for you to get to the bottom of what you really want to know about, to help you target your resources intelligently and invest cost-effectively.

At Apana we are specialists in assessing personality dynamics and team/culture fit at Board and senior team level, including the dark side of personality.

We take a strengths based approach to assessment of neurodiversity, mental health and workplace strategy to support individuals and your business.

We seek to use our extensive toolkit to inform and support the work we are doing with you. We see psychometric tools as a powerful and flexible resource to be able to apply psychology in an informed and systematic way.

There is no specific tool or provider we are aligned to. This offers us the flexibility to choose the most appropriate and practical tool for your needs and budget.

We use a range of assessments to inform our coaching, team and leadership development and succession planning.

Our team will help you make sense of assessments you may have had and have not understood in depth or would like to make the best use of.

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